( MAGIC MOTHER GODDESS MISSING ) MOTHER GODDESS ISIS, MOTHER GODDESS MA'AT, MOTHER GODDESS ISIS, MOTHER GODDESS MA'AT, MOTHER GODDESS ISIS,, MOTHER GODDESS MA'AT are just two of the most powerful Goddesses overlooked in this world we live in. Yet there are Gods in both Christianity and Nation of Islam. "As above , so below" is something we all have heard. So, if there are women on earth, there is a Goddess above. Well, let me say there can be no God without a Goddesses. There is a major problem if it is stated otherwise. Or better yet, there should be no females in this world, just males.. I am surprised that this is not discussed in all major religious institutions. Oh, that is right, only men rule those institutions and they are the very ones that made this tragic error. There entire purpose for not recognizing the women as Goddess was to minimize the female side of the Gods and thus, they were conveniently left out he equation. Men seem to only want to rape, rule, and destroy. Goddesses have another purpose and that is life, prosperity, and health while healing the land. If we were to examine the known history of this world, man has only raped, ruled, and destroyed everything which was created by the Gods. All we have to do is to pick any time and place in the history of this world and we would see just what I am saying even to the very moment of this writing. Look at how the religious world is set up with the God element being male and standing alone in the kingdom. Then look at the real world where males are referred to as Gods and stand alone without a Goddess All this is done to give the power only to the males. But when the Garden of Eden was set up the God, Adam had to have an Eve to make it work. But only Adam has been given the God status. Eve should be known as the Goddess. To deprive the female of the Goddess status has been exacted to bring the female lower than the male. This cannot be right and we have to change how it is done. The Goddesses have the magic and males knew this. The entire purpose for not giving females Goddess status was to take away the magic power the females possess. If you are not aware of your powers, then you will not be able to use them against the males. This was known from the very beginning of the paradigm therefore diminishing her worth in the world. Again, how can you have Gods and no Goddesses. The process is not complete. This miss naming of the females is why we have all the problems we do today. Should we be known as Goddesses we would not be marginalized to this level which we are enduring. The males who ordered this to be done are the religious leaders. Goddesses are magical from birth. After all, it is the females who decide what genes a child will receive. That is true magic. The scientists know this and you would know this if you read your DNA report as I have done. We can change how we are being treated once we acknowledge that we are Goddesses and began to behave as such. The magic is still in us, we have but to re-enact it. The Age of Aquarius is the most magical time that most of us will ever experience and we must take advantage of this time. The vail is being lifted because it is time we retake our place and power. We all have heard the story about God who created this universe is both male and female. Then we will have to admit that if males are Gods then females are Goddesses. You cannot have one without the other if we are truly of the same Creator. The Black female is the strongest of this Goddesses line as evidence with our survival through slavery, the most horrid time of our existence. LET US UNITE OUR POWER AND MAKE THE NECESSARY CORRECTIONS AT THIS TIME. Merritt Magic ( and Age of Aquarius: Spiritual Reckoning ( I do love hearing from you. thanks

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