This book is about my growing up in a small southern town in GA and the special gifted people who raised me. We were truly blessed and had an abundance of everything. I did not realized how special we were until I got to high school. My mother (Maa Irene), my grandma (Maa Sis) and Maa Dove were the primary people who took care of me. I was very sickly from birth to high school, They kept me alive and happy. Were it not for their special gifts, I would have died at birth. They are the real connections to ancestral knowledge and it was passed on to me. In this book, I tell the almost complete story. I had to eave something out because of the unbelievable nature of the things they were able to do. As a child, I never thought what I saw and heard as not being normal. Ancestral knowledge is passed down through the gene pool and no one yet understand it. I have grown accustomed to mine and try and use it to help others. A signed copy of this book is $15.00 and it has magic in it

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