This book describes the story of an unusual Black family during the 1960s forward. I was born in 1950 and did experience the sad energy of slaves still hanging around. We are all related to somebody who came before. Hence, anything is related. I resided in a little GA town. In truth, it is the residence of President Jimmy Carter. I was so blessed to have been born in a household that grasped the influence of mystical energy. It is very hard to locate that type of extraordinary individuals today.

The story reveals how a Black man, my father, understood how to travel through this time with ease and authority. He rejected being told who he was. He created a wonderful tale for our household and several others. He was a community leader which means our household was well known. These matters aid my dad and household to be very active in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. This story depicts how the day-to-day struggle was accomplished. Things like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mr. Jessie Jackson, Rep. John Lewis and numerous others, repeatedly stayed at our house during their journeys. (Back then, he was identified as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.) There were no accommodations, so all the freedom fighters lived with different households. There was not so much preparation as there was do what was necessary during these dark days. My hometown was continually on the national news because of what was occurring here. Look it up.

The book is about the potent Spiritual Energy which was present in our city at that period. There were persons from all around the world in this town at one time or the other. I befriended individuals from other countries and made buddies with a few. In my household there were persons who knew about the old supernatural spiritual energies and how to manifest them to the advantage of all This form of expressed knowledge was in my daily life growing up and I witnessed many unusual things. I do go into detail in this book. This type of exposure from an early age by such wise women did intensify my hunger for more such knowledge of this sort. “THINGS ARE NOT ALWAYS WHAT IT SEEM”

This book is a strong expression of the amazing spiritual energy which is all around us. The Age of Aquarius is here, which means the magic is easy to find. The Black women discussed in this book is a fine example of the spiritual energy which come here in our genes. There is various stories that illustrate their influence.

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