The story is a conversation of Spirituality, Astrology, and the Ten Sephira of the Tree of Life. I was making observations of these energies as they apply and influence human nature. Everything in our world is related and one thing will influence an outcome which will cause an outcome, and on and on it goes. Being a descendant of stolen African people, I tend to look at connections with different expectations than many.

The story depicts how many former Presidents have the same outlook without knowing each other. In truth, these Presidents were many decades apart. The unique thing about them is that they had the same Tree of Life

Spiritual Sephira number, This caused them to be influenced by the same spiritual energies These spiritual energies caused their Presidential programs to be very similar. I explored their position in time as it pertains to slaves and the treatment of Negroes. I especially addressed the present President and his Tree of Life Spiriitual Sephira. He is definitely a NEGATIVE NINE on the Tree of Life. I explained in tremendous detail what that signifies and he has not disappointed. If anything, he is more destructive than I wrote in this text. I wrote this book two years ago.

Please read this novel and acquire some knowledge that you had not thought of. It is a very exciting story. ENJOY

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